First post!

Hi there! Welcome to Simple Sweetness, a blog about my life as a new mom, wife and interests in healthy food and living.


Mary Ella and I

The idea for a blog began bouncing around in my head a couple years ago and I am thrilled that with a little perseverance and encouragement from my husband, Tyler, it has finally come to fruition. Two years ago, I considered starting a blog dedicated to my love of sharing healthy meal ideas and journaling my eating and exercising habits. I have always loved visiting blogs of this nature because I find them very inspiring and motivating (check out Julie Fagan’s blog, one of my favorite healthy living blogs). Fast forward a couple years later, the itch for a blog has persisted but after having a baby, the concept has changed a bit to include my experiences as a new mom and all of the simple joys that make motherhood (and life) so sweet.

You will notice a common thread with all the meal ideas I share is simplicity and frugality. In being a full-time working mama and wife, the simpler, quicker, and cheaper I can make something (without compromising nutrition), the better! My aim in sharing the foods I eat is to not only keep myself accountable for how I treat my body but also to give other busy moms ideas of easy, healthy and affordable food ideas.

I think that just about sums up Simple Sweetness in a nutshell but if you want to read more about the blog or me, visit the About page.